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traveling through the south of france forever changed my life, and i want everyone to have that experience through farm.
Our Owner Liz Ostoich

Liz Ostoich

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Ultimate dining experience like no other
The experience at Farm is like being transported to the South of France. When you come and dine with us, you can expect an extraordinary sensory experience; from our garden-like patio seating, our beautiful bouquet of floral landscaping, to our incredible authentic menu comprised of the freshest ingredients, you will be wowed at every turn.


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FARM is a traditional Provencal-style restaurant and we’ve taken care to create a menu comprised of traditional French dishes, brimming with locally sourced produce, eggs and artisanal meats. Our coffee is served French-press and our teas are each loose-leaf, so it takes a little time for them to open up and be pressed. Our jams are all house made. Our dishes are made to order with attention to taste, aroma and texture.

Enjoy a meal on our patio and take in the ambiance of being out of the city. We prepare all our items as you order. No freezers, no microwave, and our kitchen staff works hard to prepare each dish with the utmost care!




French Toast






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